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Sabry “Sammy” Humodah

Sabry "Sammy" Humodah
Sabry Humodah is an Egyptian-born American living and working in the New York tri-state area for almost 30 years. Sabry’s background is a humble one that started as a small business owner in the restaurant and retail industries. After many years of working hard to make a decent life for himself and his family, he and his wife were able to buy their first home. This was his first lesson in understanding that hard-working families need someone they can trust and depend on when making big decisions like buying a home. Sabry decided to take a leap of faith and changed careers into real estate. He founded Chase Real Properties–a company that would be in service of hard-working families chasing their American dream. This soon led to him becoming a real estate investor, buying and selling properties at affordable prices. He has always provided sound advice and guidance to those going through financial hardships related to mortgages, foreclosures, short sales, etc. His number one goal is to always make his clients feel safe, making sure they know they are working with someone that understands them, and is always looking out for them. Reliability, honesty, and integrity are the foundation of what Sabry has built his reputation on.